Stories in Your Hands

The book that connects palmistry with tarot to teach you about your subconscious influences that affect your personality and authentic destiny…


Book CoverHave you ever looked at your hands? Did you notice how remarkably unique they are? That is because they are personalized mirrors reflecting who you are, including your true desires, your purpose and your values. There are personality archetypes in your hands which correspond to the Tarot’s Major Arcana, 22 oracle cards of historic tradition known as the “big secrets,” which correspond to your soul’s journey, bringing you guidance and enlightenment. This connection between palmistry and Tarot is explained in easy-to-understand language by Cynthia Clark.

In psychology, Carl Jung is famous for explaining how archetypes are key to discovering why we behave the way we do, coming from our subconscious influences. When you discover your archetype(s), you immediately have insight into who you are and can learn:

  • How to identify your archetype(s) using your own hands!
  • The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes of each archetype
  • How these archetype characteristics manifest in home, work and relationships
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each archetype
  • Compatibilities and incompatibilities of your archetypes with other archetypes
  • The correspondences of the archetypes with the seven chakras
  • How to identify imbalances among your archetypes
  • How to balance and align each archetype

Stories in Your Hands helps you navigate the magnificent and unique map you were born with. The book guides you in discovering your true self and equips you with the skills to understand and grow through your life’s challenges so that you may live out your beautiful, authentic destiny. It is a clear and comprehensive reference manual for truth seekers as well as for professional counselors and coaches.